About Us

Lost Car Keys Replacement.com is a website that was and still is developed by us to give you free and accurate information about different replacement keys, and the options you have.

Our Goal

When we created this site, we had three things in mind:

  • Customer privacy and security.
  • Providing free information about the different types of keys and options for replacement car keys.
  • Providing as updated and accurate information as possible.

Where do we get the information published on this website from?

We gather information from professional automotive locksmiths and dealerships, as well as companies that make replacement keys.

In addition, All the information on this website is original content and updated almost daily by us. (Update October 2019 – We are still working on some 2019 models, as well as completing all the models’ updates, programming, and keyless entry information).

Moreover, the locksmiths we use to get this information from, are professionals who work in the field every day, with years of experience. Some of them specialize in domestic models, some in foreign.

Finally, we also uploaded real photos of car keys so it will be easier for you to recognize your lost key or getting an additional one.

About the products, services, and information offered here

First, while we work very hard to give you the most accurate information, please understand that sometimes mistakes happened.

We would love to hear your feedback and can assure you that we work constantly on improving your experience and updating the information.

Saying that we still urge customers to verify either with a professional locksmith or the dealer the information provided here, especially before ordering a key online, as many keys need to be programmed, and more often than not – you will need an automotive locksmith or a dealer to program those keys for you.

Services offered by this website

We understand that some people who are looking for replacement keys may want to get help ASAP.

To help serve you better, we offer to connect you with independent locksmiths who can assist you. Some of them, shared their knowledge and experience to build this website.

While we do get a referral fee from them, they are not our employees and therefore we recommend asking them all the relevant questions you have in mind before having a new key made to prevent misunderstandings. That includes, but not limited to, their service fee, availability, refund policy, method of payments and more.

Of course, in the case of any dispute, we will do our best to solve the situation.

In case we don’t have an available contractor in your area

When you order a service, and we can’t find a locksmith to assist you, we will call you back (usually within 10-20 minutes) to let you know that we can’t help you.

Unfortunately, we do not cover all cities in the U.S. but we are working very hard on finding more professional locksmiths in different cities.


Products offered on this website

We understand that you may want to order keys online and we hope we are making this process easier for you by letting you know about the type of keys, coding information and more.

Please visit our blog page to learn more.

Amazon associate program:

We are part of the Amazon associate program, in which we get a referral fee every time you buy something from Amazon and were directed by this website.

The reason we are doing that is that we believe Amazon is a trusted name you can trust.

However, it is important to mention that we do not sell anything on Amazon.

The products you buy there are offered by different sellers, who have not and are not affiliated with us in any way.

This is simply a matter of convenience that we hope to make things easier for you.

One more thing

We encourage you to contact us with any questions or issues you may have.

Our team of professionals will do their best to help you solve your problem.

If you are interested to learn more about automotive locksmith services you can visit our YouTube page:


Finally, remember that we are here to help as much as we can!

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