How to find your lost car keys – A few great ideas on how to find your car keys, what to do, who to call, how much will it cost to replace and more.

All You Need To Know About How To Find Your Lost Car Keys

All You Need To Know About How To Find Your Lost Car Keys

Introduction – How to find your lost car keys:

In today’s busy lifestyle, losing items has become more and more frequent. Unfortunately, losing your car, home or office keys is no exception, and may cause a big headache.

So, what does it mean losing your keys? What happens now and what options you have? In a nutshell, other than time and money not so well spent, headache.

There are, however, a few things you can do once you figured out you lost your keys. In addition, there are things you can do AFTER you have found your keys, such as key finder tool (Bluetooth, or ways to find your keys with your cell phone/ iPhone) just to never lose your keys again or at least to avoid the situation in the future.

Furthermore, we have helped thousands of customers to get replacement keys for their cars, home, and office. Sometimes, after a customer is calling us for service, they call back full of joy to let us know they have found their keys.

When that happens, we usually ask them a few questions like: “Where did you find your keys? Outside? In the grass? At home?” etc. We have asked many of those customers for their answers so we can share it with you. Of course, we can’t guarantee that this article would help you find your keys, but we are confident that it’s worth reading and trying some of the tips we have for you.

In addition, there is a difference between people who lost their keys at home, office or work, and people who lost their keys outdoors or on a night out. We outlined what you should do in each case.

Finally, at the end of the article, you will find some useful ways how to never again lose your keys and some nice gadgets and tips to help you avoid losing your keys again in the future.

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What to do when you can’t find your car keys?

What to do when you can’t find your car keys - Tips & More

What to do when you can’t find your car keys – Tips & More

You may be surprised, but 85% of the people who found their keys, gave us almost the same answer. In addition, it turns out that a few pieces of research also support this. Regardless what you lost, may it be your car keys, phone or house keys, most people found the missing item in those places where we tend to avoid, in a nutshell – where there is a mess. Yes, that is correct.

Apparently, our brain makes us concentrate on those places where its clean and well organized and we prefer the avoid the dirty, messy, cluttered places.

Think about it and you will find it true that when we lose our car keys we usually tend to look repeatedly in the same places, which only makes it more frustrating since most chances, the keys won’t be there.

Now that doesn’t mean that they won’t be there, but if you looked once and didn’t find, then maybe it would be better to look somewhere else.


Regardless of where you lost your car keys, here are some tips about where to start looking.


First, think about the last place that you see/ had your car keys – for sure!

Then, try to go back to this same spot. May it be your home, bedroom, office, bathroom, grocery store or parking lot.

In case you have done this, try to look at places where you usually won’t put your keys. Many times, we are distracted by a phone call, an SMS, etc., and unintentionally put the keys in a place we won’t put usually.

This is especially relevant for cases when you “Can’t find your keys anywhere but just had them minutes ago”

Track your movement since that moment when you are sure you had them, what did you do, who did you speak with, where did you go, etc.


Here are some common situations:

You just put your groceries in the trunk, there is a good chance you locked the keys in there, with your groceries. In this case, you may want to call an emergency locksmith.

Just went to the bathroom? Maybe your keys fell on the floor? Or maybe you left them after you washed your hands? Try to think outside the box.

Moreover, regardless of what type of key you had, i.e. remote key, fob key, etc., the way to try and find them may be the same, but the price to replace them fluctuates drastically – so you better look carefully before you call for help. Of course, if you do need help, you can call us any time!


Losing your car keys outdoors or on a night out, can be more challenging to find.

The same rules apply as well, however, while most people who lost their car keys at home or office find them within 30-40 Ft of where they remember the last time having them, when losing your car keys outdoors this rule doesn’t apply.

Therefore, the best move would be to simply go back the same route you did from where you remember having or seeing your keys the last time. Hopefully, this will trigger a memory of where you left your keys.

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Still can’t find your car keys? Here are a few options about how to get a replacement:

How To Replace Your Car Keys - Options

How To Replace Your Car Keys – Options

  1. Call an automotive locksmith who offers mobile service. Most chances that would be your best option to get a replacement fast. We can help you with that.
  2. Order a car key online – You probably will have to get the key cut and coded which will result in an additional cost.
  3. Contact your local dealer – The dealer should be able to cut and code a new key for you. However, you will have to tow the car there.


Found your keys? What’s next?

So now you have your keys, maybe you found them, maybe you called a locksmith to make you a replacement. The thing is, losing your car keys, the same as losing any other important item, usually cause a loss of time and money.

Therefore, we decided to give you here a few ideas, tips and some nice gadgets to help you never lose your keys again.

Regardless if you have found your keys or had a locksmith or dealer make you a new car keys, here are the step you should take to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

How to avoid losing your car keys again

First, make a copy! Yes, make a copy and make sure it actually starts the car. Remember that most chances are that the type of key you had, most chances have a chip in it and needs to be coded. Therefore, since you already paid the locksmith to come and program you one key, you may as well as for a second discounted key.

Second, ask for the key code. The locksmith or dealer should have it. This code is a series of numbers that tell the locksmith how to cut the right key to your ignition. It can save a lot of time and money in case you want to make an additional duplicate.

In addition, make sure you give one of the key copies to a close friend, neighbor or family member to avoid having all your keys with you. Just in case you lose your key chain again.

Third, use a key chain. A key chain is a great way to make sure you feel your keys in your pocket. In addition, a big key chain makes it easier to find in case you put your keys somewhere you usually don’t.

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Interested in a useful gadget? Here are some top gadgets that can help you!

Key finder –

You probably landed on our site because you lost your keys. True, there is nothing better than to have a duplicate at home or with a good friend, but sometimes, especially when we are short on time, it’s easier to locate your keys and fast. Click here to order it online now!

Get Your Key Finer Online Here

Get Your Key Finer Online Here

This simple gadget allows you to locate your keys with your phone. Nothing too complicated, just a simple chip with a locator that connects to your phone. Take a look, will save you a lot of time, especially if you not so organized person, just as I am.


Chipolo Plus Bluetooth Key Finder –

This simple gadget allows you to attach it to any valuable item you would like, including your car keys, phone, etc. Simple, useful, water-resistant. Get it online here

Get Your Chipolo Key Finer Online Here

Get Your Chipolo Key Finer Online Here

Tile Mate –

This simple gadget makes life easy with Bluetooth technology to help you find anything you want. Simply attach it to any valuable item and use the app to locate it. In addition, it allows you to see where you left your item last which makes it easier in case you totally forgot where your keys were. You can order it here

Get Your Tile Mate Key Finer Online Here

Get Your Tile Mate Key Finer Online Here


Finally, you may be interested in the following:

Can AAA replace lost car keys?

Alternatively, you may want to contact your insurance or AAA. Many people ask if AAA can make replacement keys or at least to pay for the service and the answer is yes. Most chances AAA will give you some reimbursement. In any case, it’s worth trying. Check your options here

How much does it cost to replace car keys?

That depends on many factors. In a nutshell, somewhere between $90-$400 for most makes and models. Click here to get more information.


Can my insurance replace my lost car keys?

That depends on the policy you have. Check our blog post for more information here.