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Oldsmobile Replacement Car Keys

Oldsmobile Replacement Car Keys

Oldsmobile Replacement Car Keys

Oldsmobile Replacement Car Keys

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We specialize in making replacement car keys for Oldsmobile when you don’t have a spare or need a fob, Ignition repair and replaced and more.

We deal with all Oldsmobile models, including Oldsmobile 88, Cutlass, Cutlass Supreme, Alero,98, Toronado, Bravada, Aurora, Intrigue, Silhouette, Achieva, Regency, LSS and more.


What to do when your Oldsmobile car key is lost:

  • First of all, Make sure you don’t have a spare key. Many times we put a key somewhere just for this day when we lose our key and forget about it.
  • In addition, if you decided to call an automotive locksmith, remember to provide the exact year, make and model, e.g. “I lost my keys to my Oldsmobile Cutlass 1998, Oldsmobile 88 2001, Oldsmobile 98 2000” etc.
  • Furthermore, always ask if the key needs to be programmed, i.e Lost Oldsmobile Intrigue key or Oldsmobile Aurora 2004 needs to be programmed, whereas older Oldsmobile models do not.
  • In case you need a new ignition, make sure you tried getting a new key first. Changing the ignition for Oldsmobile cars is more expensive and it will result in a different key for the doors and ignition.
  • In addition, before calling the dealer to get a replacement Oldsmobile key fob, ask if you can pick the new key, or have to two the car there.
  • When the key won’t turn, mention if this is something that just happened the first time or is it an ongoing problem.

FAQ Lost Oldsmobile Keys:


Q: How much does it cost if I lost my 2000 Oldsmobile 88 smart key fob and have no spare and need a replacement?

A: That depends on the years make and models. Generally speaking, to replace an Oldsmobile key ranges between $90-$300. However, that price may change if there is a code available on file if your Oldsmobile key had a chip in it and time of day.

In addition, in case you call an automotive locksmith, make sure they have the necessary equipment to cut and program the key. In case you call the dealer, the price may be higher and the car probably will need to be towed.


Q: How can I know if my Oldsmobile 98 2001 key had a chip in it? I understand that some keys need to be programmed and some don’t?

A: Generally speaking, cars made after the year of 2000, most chances had a chip in it. Therefore, if you lost your Oldsmobile key and the key had a chip in it, it will have to be programmed on site. An automotive locksmith for Oldsmobile keys can do that on-site or the dealer, but the car will have to be towed there.

If your key was a blank metal key, then the key is a non-transponder/ chip key and an Oldsmobile dealer or an automotive locksmith for Scion cars can cut the key without the need to program it.

Below, Oldsmobile key that has a transponder chip in it and therefore NEEDS to be programmed:

Oldsmobile Car Key With a Chip

Oldsmobile Car Key With a Chip


Below. Oldsmobile key that doesn’t have a chip in it and therefore DOESN’T NEED to be programmed:

Non Transponder Oldsmobile Key - No need to program

Non-Transponder Oldsmobile Key – No need to program

Q: I lost my 2001 Oldsmobile Cutlass car key, and have no spare. I need to know how long does it take and do you make replacement Lost Oldsmobile keys on site?

A: Yes, we can make Oldsmobile car keys on site. Moreover, in case the lost Oldsmobile key needs to be programmed, we can do it on site as well.


Q: My Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme 1997 ignition key won’t turn, what is the reason and can you change my ignition for me?

A: Sure, there may be a few reasons why the ignition key won’t turn. The key is too old, the ignition is stuck, or one of the wafers. An automotive locksmith for Oldsmobile keys can determine on the site reason and solution. We can help you with that.


Q: Do you make replacement fob smart car keys with a chip for Oldsmobile Alero 2004 & Oldsmobile Bravada 2002? I lost my only set of keys and have no spare.

A: Yes. We can make replacement car keys and fobs to all Oldsmobile models, including Oldsmobile Bravada or Oldsmobile Alero. Please call us for immediate assistance.


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