Nissan Keyless Entry Remote KOBUTA3T. All You Need To Know. How To Program, Cost, Where To Get & More.

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Click To Order Nissan Keyless entry remote KOBUTA3T Online

Click To Order Nissan Keyless entry remote KOBUTA3T Online


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Cost of Nissan Keyless entry remote KOBUTA3T

Nissan models compatibility for this remote

Battery Replacement Information for KOBUTA3T

Programming instructions (Choose method A)




Part number: KOBUTA3T

Additional names: 28268-2Z021

This type of remote has 3 buttons. Lock, Unlock, Panic.

You can find it Online, Autozone, and most automotive locksmith shops as well. We highly recommend getting it online as it is the cheapest way.

Remember: You may need 2 remotes to successfully program the keyless entry.

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Cost of Nissan keyless entry remote

The price for this remote vary.

An automotive locksmith usually sells those for $70.

At Autozone, you can find it for around $50.

Online, you can find it for about $30, depends where you get it from. You can order it here

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KOBUTA3T Battery replacement

Like all keyless remotes, the KOBUTA3T is a battery-operated. The battery usually lasts for about 2-3 years, depends on how frequently you use it, weather conditions and more.

The battery you need is a CR-2025 (Click to get online) and is available for you online or at most hardware stores as well as AutoZone, Wal-mart, etc.

KOBUTA3T Battery replacement

KOBUTA3T Battery replacement

It usually costs around $7 for ten batteries.


This type of remote will work on the following models:

Altima (1997-2001)
Frontier (1998-2000)
Quest (1999-2002)
Sentra (1995-1999)
Xterra (2000-2000)

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