Chrysler Keyless entry remote GQ43VT6T. All You Need To Know. How To Program, Cost, Where To Get & More.


  • This page is relevant for programming ALL Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Plymouth, Eagle models for this remote. 

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Click To Order Chrysler Keyless entry remote GQ43VT6T Online

Click To Order Chrysler Keyless entry remote GQ43VT6T Online


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Chrysler Keyless entry remote GQ43VT6T

Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge models compatibility for this remote

Battery Replacement Information for GQ43VT6T

Chrysler keyless entry page – General information

Programming instructions (No Self-programming. Only locksmith or dealer)



Part number: GQ43VT6T

Additional names:

This type of remote has 3 buttons. Lock, Unlock & Panic.

You can find it Online, Autozone, and most automotive locksmith shops as well. We highly recommend getting it online as it is the cheapest way.

This keyless entry remote can be programmed manually for some models. See below.

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Cost of GQ43VT6T keyless entry remote

The price for this remote vary.

An automotive locksmith usually sells those for $70.

At Autozone, you can find it for around $40.

Online, you can find it for about $25, depends where you get it from. You can order it here

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GQ43VT6T Battery replacement

Like all keyless remotes, the GQ43VT6T is a battery-operated. The battery usually lasts for about 2-3 years, depends on how frequently you use it, weather conditions and more.

The battery you need is a CR-2032 (Click to get online) and is available for you online or at most hardware stores as well as AutoZone, Wal-mart, etc.

GQ43VT6T Battery replacement

GQ43VT6T Battery replacement

It usually costs around $7 for ten batteries.


This type of remote will work on the following models:

Sebring Coupe (1995-2000)
Sebring (1995-2000)
Avenger (1995-2000)
Stealth (1993-1995)
Eclipse (1995-1999)

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